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Sorting Practice & Cattle Share

We're happy to have you out to work cattle and practice your sorting skills here at Thunderdcloud Ranch! We've got options available for those looking for a dynamic cattle experience with us. We keep at least five steers stocked on property for all of your sorting and ranch practice needs. 

Cattle Time!!

Private lesson

Come learn the basics and get your horse better in-tune with a private lesson. Group lessons are always welcome, and we have enough cattle to help you gain confidence and enhance your partnership with your equine pal. 

Sorting Practice

Come to our weekly sorting practice. It will be slower and less aggressive than actual competition, but will give you tools to do better in the sorting pen at competitions. Call ahead to confirm, sorting practice starts at 4:30 PM every friday. 

Cattle Share

Pay a monthly fee to have four  private cattle practices all to yourself.

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