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Training driven by passion

Sarah Pereverziev a multi-disciplined horsewoman that uses her horsemanship skills in conjunction wither university education in biology to produce a well-rounded and highly versatile horse. 

With years of experience in endurance, gaited horses, driving, side saddle, horseback falconry, saddle fit, nutrition, and natural horsemanship techniques, Sarah is ready to help you grow your partnership with your equine pal. 




Our Services

What do you want your horse to be?

We provide the opportunity for your horse to find its greatest potential and live a more confident, meaningful life. From trail, mounted falconry, and obstacles, to sorting, branding and endurance, we'll take your horse to the next level. 

We also train and sell select horses throughout the year, as well as consign horses for sale on occasion. Give us a call and let us know what you're looking for, and we can find you the perfect mount!

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